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Rise Up Nutrition Egg Albumen Powder (Malai Kulfi)


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  • 27 Grams of Protein- R.U.N Albumen Protein powder fortifies the body by providing 27 grams of protein with a complete naturally occurring BCAA(Branched Chain Amino Acid) & EAA(Essential Amino Acid) profile present in Egg Whites, unlike other protein supplements. Each scoop of RUN covers 50% of your BCAA RDA requirement. R.U.N Albumen protein powder comes with minimal carbs, sugar, and fat, and is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, & B12 ensuring quick recovery post-workout.
  • Lean Muscles- RUN Albumen offers Clean, Organic, and RAW nutrition with one of the highest PDCAA(protein digestibility-corrected amino acid) scores and Biological Values and the highest protein efficiency ratio of 3.9.
  • Albumen has an NPU(Net Protein Utilization) score of 94. Each scoop contains the nutritional value of 5 Egg Whites. Egg White i.e Albumen is the perfect nutrition companion for the modern woman. It helps to increase her Metabolism, energy level, burn fat & build toned muscles.
  • NEXTGen Organic Technology- R.U.N Albumen is flash pasteurized and minimally processed at our GMP certified facility in India to ensure maximum safety and with the utmost care and consideration to keep our patrons healthy. We believe that RUN Albumen is the next step in nutrition as it offers truly clean nutrition without added preservatives.
  • We pride ourselves in supplying 100% organic globally sourced & locally sourced supplements that are trusted names in terms of quality & service.
  • NO Allergens- R.U.N's Albumen powder is 100% Natural and NON-GMO. Albumen is essentially Egg-white which makes it Non-Dairy, Lactose-free, Gluten-free, and Soy-free.
  • RUN Albumen is 100% Dope, Antibiotic, and Hormone-free making it a 100% safe and natural protein supplement for everyone. RUN Albumen protein powder is one of the purest forms of protein with a PDCAA score and is 100% natural ensuring improved digestion and gut health.
  • Each flavor adds a distinctive taste to the beverage and makes it an enjoyable and nutritious source of protein. The flavor contains no artificial sweeteners and is 100% natural tasting. R.U.N Albumen is made using our instantized formula that ensures ease of mixability which translates to a quick, healthy, and convenient shake in under 10 seconds. Please try our other 6 delicious flavors.
  • Anyone age above 18 years, combination with a case-specific diet and exercise routine.
  • If you have an existing medical condition, we request you to consult your medical practitioner before taking this.

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