Bisleri Water 20 litre
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Bisleri Water 20 litre


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( In This Product We Are Selling ONLY WATER & NOT empty Bottle )

Bisleri Mineral Water is not just an ordinary bottle of water, Each drop of Bisleri water is a promise of goodness that goes through a rigorous 10 STEP quality process and 114 Quality Tests. It’s one of the select brands that add minerals and in fact, like a true leader has been doing so right since its inception in 1969.

Passed 114 Quality Tests

  • 10 Stage Purification process
  • With Added Minerals
  • Max TDS Level of 120 PPM
  • Double Ozonisation
  • Contactless Production

  • If you don't have an empty Bisleri 20-litre JAR/ CAN, There will be a (refundable) deposit charge of Rs. 150/- Per Jar/CAN.
  • It is mandatory to hand over empty Jars with jar caps. If caps are missing, Rs.5 per jar will be charged extra.

    Delivery Instructions
  • Dear Customer, we endeavour to serve you within 24 - 48 hours.
  • The cash on delivery option is not available for both one-time and subscription orders.
  • If you don't have empty Bisleri 20-litre Jar, There will be (refundable) deposit charge of Rs. 150/- Per Jar.
  • It is mandatory to handover empty Jars with jar caps. If caps are missing, Rs.3 per jar will be charged extra.
  • Offers will be void in case of cancellation of subscription.
  • In case your building doesn't have a lift, the delivery will be done either till the security gate or till the 2nd floor only.
  • Our Delivery hours are from 8am to 8pm on all days except Sunday. please note that there will be no deliver ries during public holidays and Sundays.
  • Customer is eligible to raise any requests related to the discrepancy in delivery updates within 2 days email


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